A weekend to remember, R Marine Pittwater delights Riviera family on Cockatoo Island discovery.


A weekend to remember, R Marine Pittwater delights Riviera family on Cockatoo Island discovery.

Lead by dealer principle Scott Dillon and his team, seven boats rendezvoused on the water near manly and cruised Sydney’s beautiful waterways, to Cockatoo Island.

A unique destination, Cockatoo Island set the scene for an informative and educational weekend.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers, in Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island was the site for one of Australia’s biggest shipyards.

“Living in Sydney, we have never visited Cockatoo Island. We were left in ore when the connection was made between the locations long and colourful history, being the site of one of Australia’s biggest shipyards, operating between 1857 and 1991; and the fact that we are part of the Riviera Family, who also has a long history of building boats within Australia.”

Said, Peter Haig, a memberĀ  Riviera’s Pittwater Family. Continuing on Peter said;

“My wife Denise and I enjoyed each destination, activity and dining experience. We give thanks to Scott and his team who coordinated the weekend well, creating a welcoming environment, filled with a fantastic mix of on water exploration, events and historical discovery.”

With a different approach to the traditional on water weekend away, R Marine Pittwater entertained not only seasoned Riviera owners but new family members at the beginning of their journey.

Dealer Principle Scott Dillon was delighted with the outcome of the event.

“We set out to give our owners a different on water experience, and I think the mix worked well.”

“The consensus for the weekend was the coming together of a like-minded group of people, talking, boats, destinations and business. It created a platform that cemented old relationships and encouraged new ones. The convoy including a range of boating skills, both seasoned and new to boating”. Said Scott.

With plans to run further weekend expeditions back to Cockatoo Island, R Marine Pittwater are excited to invite owners to join them and encounter more of the region and waterways they call home.

As Peter say’s; “Purchasing a Riviera is more than just owning a boat, you become part of a family and start living the lifestyle”.

For more information visit www.rmarinepittwater.com.au