Scott Dillon

After a successful interlude selling some of Northern Beaches’ finest prestige homes, Scott Dillon has returned to his true passion. Indeed, his recent successes have provided Scott with rare insights which many in the boating industry will never have experienced. So as much as Scott recognised the attributes that discerning homeowners looked for in luxury homes, similar values hold true on the water. This is especially true for those who see a luxury motor cruiser as their home away from home on the water, albeit for a few precious weekends or holidays.

Boating is in Scott’s DNA. Luxury boats have been an essential part of his life and he has spent many a weekend and festive season aboard some of the world’s finest luxury motor cruisers. Scott and the R Marine Pittwater team’s deep understanding of the modern Motoryacht’s advanced technologies and luxury inclusions will serve as your guide in making the right purchase. So, whether you’re looking to step up to a new Riviera, Belize or looking across a broad selection of pre-owned boats, talk to Scott.

Contact: or call on +612 9979 6500